Advertisement for the Award of Fellowship

Advertisement No. 1/2016

  1.   Applications are invited for award of Fellowships for advanced research in the following areas:
    • Social, Political and Economic Philosophy;
    • Comparative Indian Literature (including Ancient, Medieval, Modern Folk and Tribal);
    • Comparative Studies in Philosophy and Religions;
    • Development of World view;
    • Education, Culture, Arts including performing Arts and Crafts;
    • Fundamental Concepts and Problems of Logic and Mathematics;
    • Fundamental Concepts and Problems of Natural and Life Sciences;
    • Studies in Environment, Natural and Social;
    • Indian Civilisation in the context of Asian Neighbours; and
    • Problems of Contemporary India in the context of National Integration and Nation-building.
  •      The following topics may receive special attention:
  1. Theme of Indian Unity in diversity;
  2. Integrality of Indian Consciousness;
  3. Philosophy of Education in the Indian Perspective;
  4. Advanced Concept in Natural Sciences and their Philosophical implications;
  5. Indian and Asian Contribution to the Synthesis of Science and spirituality.
  6. Indian and human Unity;
  7. Companion to Indian Literature;
  8. Comparative Study of Indian Epics;
  9. Human Environment.

2. The Institute does not encourage studies which involve field work.

3. Other things remaining the same, preference would be given to scholars working on the North-eastern region. A few Fellowships would be earmarked for scholars belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes categories.

4. The prescribed Application Form and details of the Fellowship grants payable to the Fellows are available on the website of the Institute

5. The term of Fellowship shall be initially for one year and extendable to the second year, depending upon the nature of the project after strict evaluation of the work done.

6.  Residence at the Institute is compulsory from March to 15th December, and optional from December to February. All Fellows are provided with free hard-furnished accommodation in the campus as well as Study space which they have to share with other Fellows. No HRA is admissible.

7. Applicants in service must apply through proper channel.

8.  The Application on prescribed Application Forms to be sent to the Secretary, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Rashtrapati Nivas, Shimla-171005. Himachal Pradesh, on or before the 30th November, 2016.

9.  For further details, contact the Section (

Indian  Institute  of  Advanced  Study,
Rashtrapati  Nivas,  Shimla, 
Himachal Pradesh -171 005,
Fax: 0177-2831389, 2830995.

The application form can be downloaded here. PDF | MS Word